Our artificial putting greens, is among the most realistic fresh bi-colour artificial grass available in perth. Also suited for tennis courts & hockey fields.


Supa Synthetic Grass Perth Putting Greens

We continually innovate to improve our products to make it look and feel indistinguishable from real grass. Many people choose artificial putting green because of its soft feel and natural look.

Our artificial putting greens carries a full 10 year replacement warranty.

  • Lead and heavy metals free.
  • Safe for Children and Pets.




Supa Synthetic Grass Perth Putting Green Artificial Grass Price $39 psmApplication: Tennis , hockey , artificial putting green

Product Name: Tiger Multi Play Putt

Model: Artificial Putting Green

Colour: Bi-colour

Roll Width: 4.00m

Roll Length: 20m





Yarn composition: PE

Yarn structure: Monofilament

Dtex: 8800

Primary backing: PP + Polyester fiber short staple + mesh scrim

Weight: 261g/sqm

Secondary Backing: Latex

Weight: 1080g/sqm +/- 10%

Total carpet weight: 3333g/sqm +- 100g/sqm

Pile Height: 18mm+/- 1mm

Gauge: 5/32 inch

Stitches per 10cm: 29+/-1

Stitches per m2: 73080 +/- 100

Total yarn weight: 1992g/sqm +/- 10%

Warranty: Unconditional 10 year warranty on UV stability

Environment: Artificial putting greens fibers meet the most stringent environmental standards