Calypso Artificial Grass Prices is affordable, it’s the most popular realistic Australian manufactured variety.

Featuring two tone olive green pile and two tone inner curl.

Popular landscape and recreation.


Supa Synthetic Grass Perth Calypso Artificial Grass

We continually innovate to improve our products to make it look and feel indistinguishable from real grass. Many people choose Calypso Artificial Grass because of its soft feel and natural look.

Calypso carries a full 10 year replacement warranty.

  • Lead and heavy metals free.
  • Safe for Children and Pets.


Calypso Artificial Grass Prices from Supa Synthetic Grass is affordable, it's the most popular realistic Australian manufactured variety.Application: Synthetic turf for residential and commercial applications

System type: Full grass system

Product type: 3/8” tufted synthetic grass

Roll dimension: 3.72 meter width

Fiber type: 4 tone monofilament – polyethylene and prlypropylene

Fiber length: 35 mm (+/- 5%)

Fiber weight: Sticth rate per metre 18/10cm or 180 metre




Fiber colour: 4 Field green + 4 Olive green, root zone 4 jute + 4 Field green

Backing: polypropylene woven heat set uv stabilised, warp denier tex 465/515 uv, weft denier tex 1100 /1225uvf

Coating: UV stabilised heat shrunk

Sand infill: Fine washed, kiln dried and graded silica sand

Warranty: Unconditional 10 year warranty on UV stability

Environment: Non carcinogenic – lead and heavy metal free

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