Royal Delux artificial turf is among the most realistic fresh green olive fibres and brown inner curl. Wonderfully soft for children and pets to play on.
Manufactured with the latest MINT technology ensuring a non shiny lawn with poly ethelene fibres, the strongest and softness pile fibres.


Supa Synthetic Grass perth Royal Delux Artificial Turf

We continually innovate to improve our products to make it look and feel indistinguishable from real grass. Many people choose Royal Delux Artificial Turf because of its soft feel and natural look.

Royal Delux carries a full 10 year replacement warranty.

  • Lead and heavy metals free.
  • Safe for Children and Pets.




Supa Synthetic Grass perth Royal Delux Artificial Turf Price $40 psmApplication: Synthetic turf for residential and commercial applications

System type: Full grass system

Product type: 3/8” tufted synthetic grass

Roll dimension: 3.95 meter width in 25 meter length roll

Fiber type: PE 8-threads straight in V-shape + PE 8-threads micro curled

Fiber technology: MiNT Technology in low shine

Fiber quality: 8 x 1000 dTex + 8 x 650 dTex

Fiber length: 27mm to 33 mm

Fiber weight: 12 stitches / 10 cm – 1234 gr/m2 (+/- 10%)



Fiber colour: 4 Field green + 4 Olive green, root zone 4 jute + 4 Field green

Backing: Reinforced double polyurethane backing

Coating: Black SBR-latex, 900 gr/m2

Permeability: 60 ltr/m2/min

Total weight: 2349 gr/m2 (+/- 10%)

Sand infill: Not required. For extra stability use 5 kg/m2 dried silica sand, class 0.5-1.0 mm

Warranty: Unconditional 10 year warranty on UV stability

Environment: Royal fibers meet the most stringent environmental standards

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